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Ski and Board Tuning

When you choose the Sports Stop to maintain your Skis or Snowboard you're choosing the best. Our state of the art machinery, and highly trained technicians, are what sets us apart. Our in-house tuning center offers everything from basic hot-waxing, to fully certified binding mounting and testing.  Every part of our tuning process can be adjusted to fit your needs, depending on your preferred style of skiing or Snowboarding, Freestyle vs. Free Ride vs. Racing.

How Quick is
our Turn Around?

Ski and Board Tuning turn around times are based on the amount of labor we've already promised to other customers... In short there's a line, if the line is small we can turn your equipment around real quick.. If the line is long, not so much. We can't predict the future, so we can't tell you how long the line WILL BE in a few weeks... but if you call us we can tell you how long the line is now.

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