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Daily Ski & Board Rentals

If renting for an entire season is just too much commitment for you, or maybe you're only going to Ski or Board a few days all year, then our daily rentals are for you. While the fitting process is quick, we do ask for a few days to prepare the equipment for use. We treat every ski and snowboard we rent the same. That means giving each rental a complete tune up, and (in the case of skis) a binding release test, prior to their use. Of course that takes time, so if you're skiing on the weekend, please come get fit at least four days prior.

Daily Rental Prices

Single Day Ski Rental - $39.95
Single Day Snowboard Rental - $39.95
Each Consecutive Day - $25.00
No Deposits Required.

Please Call for Availability.
978 468 4488

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